The department

The Department of Interior Architecture resulted from the "Department of Interior Architecture, Decoration and Object Design" integration into the International Hellenic University, which has been operating for a decade...

The purpose of the Department is to promote the science, theory and practice of Interior Architecture, both with analog and digital means, with the parallel development of applied arts, design of furniture, industrial and decorative objects that make up the indoors.

The aim of the Department is to develop critical thinking, research skills, and visual and technical scientific training for the study and implementation of a designed space which is the expression of the unity of the arts with man as the protagonist.

The curriculum is structured with theory courses and composition courses (theory & practice), in which theory and practice form an inseparable unit. The program is enriched with architectural, historical, theoretical and visual art approaches and the application of analog and digital methods of studying and presenting an architectural project, digital reproductions of the interior space, multimedia applications and innovative interactive digital applications.