Dr. Nina Kotamanidou

Visual Artist - Mandated Professor

Visual Artist (AUTh, major:painting), MA in European Fine Art (Soton, UK) PhD in the Study of Contemporary Processes of Selfhood Visualisations Within Popular Culture (University of Surrey)

Nina Kotamanidou grew up in Serres. She studied painting in the School of Fine and Applied Arts of AUTh, She carries 2 MA in Art, one is an Intergrated Master in Painting from AUth and one is a MA in European Fine Art from Soton, UK. She has completed successfully a PhD research (University of Surrey, UK) on the visualization of selfhood according pop aesthetics and consumer practices of utilizing pop imagery in video art at Research Centre, Wimbledon School of Art. Her research, validated by the University of Surrey, was in practice. Essays related to her research interests have been publish to scientific journals.


She works in High Art Education from 2007 teaching a variety of lessons in the visual department of private and State Schools such as Uses of Colour, Elements of Drawing, Visual Composition, History of Art from the 2nd WW, Plastic Forms. She has participated as an artist in many group exhibitions with works on a variety of media: painting, drawing, photography, installation and 3d sculpture, video. She has curated selected group projects. She lives currently in Athens. She works as an Academic Fellow in the Visual Arts Sector of the Interior Architecture Department of the School of Applied Arts and Culture of UNIWA and the Interior Architecture Department of the School of Applied Sciences in IHU.


Selected Group Exhibitions: Intothepill, Gallery E31 Athens (2006), Her(his)story, Cycladic Art Museum (2007), Athens Karaoke Poetry Bar (Under the auspices of 1rst Biennale of Athens, Space 417, Athens (2007), Art Athina, Tae Kwon Do Stadium, Athens (2009), Schadenfreude, CAMP, Athens (2012), Kawaii, CAMP Athens (2013) Unconscious Playground, Bouziani Museum, Athens 2016) Probably Wonderful, Paper Depository, Athens (2018), Beast on a diet, Back to Athens 8, Athens (2020), Love and disaster in Athens (2020) FokiaNou Artspace, Athens, Magic Mountain (2022) FokiaNou Artspace, Athens, Here, that is Where (2022), Back to Athens 9. Intothepill, Gallery E31 Αθήνα (2006), Her(his)story, Μουσείο Κυκλαδίτικης Τέχνης (2007)Αθήνα, Karaoke Poetry Bar με την υποστήριξη της 1ης Biennalle  Αθήνας, πολυχώρος 417, Αθήνα (2007), Art Athina, Γήπεδο Tae Kwon Do, Παλαιο  Φάληρο, Αθήνα (2009), Schadenfreude, CAMP,Αθήνα (2012), Kawaii, CAMP Αθήνα (2013) Unconscious Playground, ΜουσείοΜπουζιάνη Αθήνα (2016) Probably Wonderful Αποθήκη Χάρτου Αθήνα (2018), Beast on a diet, Back to Athens8 (2020), Love and disaster in Athens(2020) FokiaNou Artspace, Αθήνα, Magic Mountain (2022) FokiaNou Artspace, Αθήνα, Εδώ, δηλαδή που; (2022), Back to Athens 9.


Solo Exhibitions: A crash Course On Inner Reasoning, (2022) Τhe Beheaded Researchers, FokiaNou ArtSpace, Athens, What Does It Takes To Make You Happy, (2014) La Ronda, Athens, Untold Stories (2011), ElefsinaHotel, under the auspices of Aeshilia11, Look at me, Gallery Artower, Athens, 2008, Am I special? (Research, Centre, Wimbledon School of Art), Practicas, Comodas et Bonitas, Gallery Panorama, Barcelona)


Curated Projects: Here that is where?, Back to Athens 9, 2022 (visualisations of Athens as a complex socio-historical site) Beast on a diet 2020, Back to Athens 8, (colour as the beast that every artist has to tackle) Schadenfreude, CAMP, Αθήνα, 2012 (The Aristotelian notion of epichairekakia is visually contextualized in contemporary Greece) Be Mine, ((visualizing erotic obsession) Bartesera, 2011, Athens.

Visual Arts (20th Century onwards) Selfhood representations, Popular Culture, Use and Reception of Popular Imagery in Art and Society, Ntwerked Imagery

1 PhD, 2 MA, 3 Article publications in International Journals, 2 Publications in International Conferences, I article publication in Conference Proceedings, 4 curating projects, 66 group exhibitions, 6 solo exhibitions

ΙΚΥ, 3-yr scholarship for postgraduate studies abroad (State Scholarships Foundation),AHRB i yr scholarship for the continuation of doctoral studies in the UK

Indicative Portfolio of projects