Natalia Chrysikou, March, PhD candidate

Architect Engineer - Mandated Professor

Architect Engineer (AUTH), MArch - Architecture Urbaine: formation à la composition urbaine (Ecole d’Architecture de Paris Belleville), PhD candidate - Ephemeral urban installations (AUTH - School of Architecture)

Natalia Chrysikou is an Architect. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2001 and completed her postgraduate studies at the Ecole d'Architecture de Paris-Belleville in Paris in 2002, specialising in the design of public spaces and buildings. She is a PhD candidate at the Department of Architecture of the A.U.TH., researching the contribution of ephemeral architectural/artistic/cultural interventions to lived experience and participation, the enhancement and valorisation of cultural heritage, innovation, the development of design practices, environmental regeneration and sustainability.

She started her professional activity in Paris, where she worked in architectural studios until 2005. She has participated as a team member in architectural studies for public and private projects and in architectural competitions with awards. Her professional activity extends both in Greece and abroad in a range of scales, from interiors spaces, residential buildings, emergency schools and offices (with ISO box modules), light constructions, buildings of great complexity (hotels, museums, airports, hospitals, office buildings, industrial and public buildings, reuse of heritage buildings) and urban design projects. Her projects have been published in architectural journals and have been included in architectural exhibitions and in OPEN HOUSE. Examples include: i) 35 residences in Grand Charmont, France (2003, competition - 2nd prize); ii) 32-bed Hospital for people with disabilities, in Chaux, France (2003, competition - 2nd prize); iii) Preliminary study for the urban, traffic and environmental regeneration of the wider area of the Evangelistria cemetery in Thessaloniki (2008, competition - 2nd prize); iv) Thematic Museum - Exhibition of Forestry in Platanakia, Serres region. (2015), v) Upgrading and promotion of the Aquarium of Byronia (2015), vi) Centre for Dissemination of Research Results and Research of A.U.TH (published in: Building Architecture + Technology and Building Architecture + Design (2011), DOMES - International Review of Architecture (2012), Building Architecture, Technology, Materials (2020)), vii) Extension of the Terminal of the State Airport of Thessaloniki "Macedonia" (published in: KTIRIO ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN (2011), viii) Design of a new 261-bed 5* hotel uniti (2018), x) Urban Bus Stations of the Transfer Station at the Terminal N. Elvetia of Thessaloniki Metro(2022), x) Interior design of the Marasleio School and its transformation into Digital museum with a multifunctional space in Agios Efstratios, Lesvos (2023).

Her research activities include participation in national and European research projects; she has presented her work in conferences and exhibitions and has published in scientific journals, conference proceedings and collective works. She has also been a member of the organising and scientific committees of intensive design workshops and has participated in the curation and design of architectural exhibitions. Her research interests intersect different scales and focus on architecture and urban design, urban public space, urban revitalisation and resilience, environmental design, cultural practices in urban public spaces, cultural heritage enhancement and integration practices, ephemeral architecture and ephemeral urban transformations, ephemeral urban actions, innovative design practices and technology, sensory and lived experience, social participation and sustainability.

Since 2007 she has a continuous teaching activity at various educational institutions in undergraduate level. She has taught at the AAS school in the Department of Interior Architecture (2007-2009), at the Technical Institute of Serres in the Departments of: i) Interior Architecture and ii) Civil Engineering (2009-2017 as a laboratory assistant), at the Technical Institute of CM in the Departments of: i) Interior Architecture and ii) Civil Engineering (2017=2019, working as a lecturer), at the I.H.U in the Departments of: i) Interior Architecture (2019-present as an academic fellow) and ii) Civil Engineering (2019-2022 as an academic fellow), at the Department of Architectural Engineering aat the A.U.TH (2020-2021, teaching assistant). She has also supervised a significant number of undergraduate theses.

Architecture and urban design, Urban waterfront public space, Urban revitalisation and resilience, Environmental design and sustainability, Cultural practices in urban public spaces, Cultural heritage enhancement and integration practices, Heritage resilience, Ephemeral architecture and ephemeral urban transformations, Ephemeral urban actions, Innovative design practices and technology, Sensory experience and embodied interactions, Social participation.

1 Master's degree, 2 Research projects, 2 Publications in peer-reviewed international conference proceedings, 5 Conference papers, 1 Book chapter, 1 Αrticle in journal, 9 Exhibitions of research results

3 2nd prizes in architectural competitions

Indicative Portfolio of projects