Dr. Paraskevi (Vicky) Kertemelidou

Architect Engineer - Assistant Professor

Architect Engineer (Department of Architects, A.P.Th.), Interior Architect (West Attica University) with a Master's in Museology - Cultural Management (D.P.M.S., AUTH) and a Ph.D. in the theory of architectural design with special emphasis on the design of museums and exhibitions and on the identity of the utilitarian object (School of Architectural Engineering, Metsovio National Polytechnic School).

Dr. Paraskevi Kertemelidou holds a Bachelor’s degree in interior architecture (Department of Interior Architecture, University of West Attica) and a Diploma in architecture (Faculty of Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki). She did postgraduate studies at Museology-Cultural Management, Faculty of Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (MA) and acquired her PhD from School of Architecture, National Technical University of Athens. 


Her research attempts to interpret the material culture through the comprehension of the history and the analysis of industrial design on one hand and the history of museum theories on the other. It investigates and designates the vicissitudes of the industrial everyday object’s identity as a result of its re-acquiring of meaning in an exhibitionary situation and the meaning of this procedure for this object’s contribution in the formation of identities of social subjects. The primary question therefore that her research attempts to answer is whether and to what extent the industrial everyday object plays a determinant role in the formation of mainstream ideology and identity of social subjects in the course of the history of civilization, participating in the major narratives of modernity and the individual narratives of post modernity.


She teaches interior architecture and design theory at the Department of Interior Architecture, I.H.U. She also teaches at the School of Film, A.U.Th. and at the postgraduate program at the Hellenic Open University and the University of West Attica. She has carried out museological projects and has curated a number of art exhibitions. She has published in international and Greek scientific journals and has contributed in several international conferences. She is the author of two scientific books on theory of design and museology..

  • Responsible for the thesis process
  • Member of the Student Career Advisory Committee of IHU
  • Member of department assembly
  • Member of the contract teachers evaluation committee
  • Member of the qualifying examination evaluation committee

Her scientific interests focus on museology with an emphasis on contemporary museum architecture, the semantic and spatial design of exhibitions and the dialectical relationship between artistic creation and industrial design. 
She participates in the workshop "Design, Architecture of Interiors and Audiovisual Documentation" of the School of Applied Arts and Culture of Wet Attica University. She has participated in pan-Hellenic and international architectural competitions, receiving distinctions and awards.

Her applied architectural work includes: exhibition architecture-museological studies, special buildings (shopping centers, factories, hotels, shops, conference centers), urban houses and residential complexes, country houses, studies of the organization of interior spaces, studies of the organization & configuration of outdoor spaces, impressions - restoration of buildings and ensembles.

She has taken part in research and scientific programs with topics of mainly cultural interest. She has published in Greek and foreign magazines and has participated as an author in collective volumes, exhibition catalogs, etc.

She has done post-doctoral research in the Archive of the collection of modern/contemporary art and furniture of the Telloglio Institute of Arts, A.U.TΗ. and in the Archives of the historical/exhibition collection of theatrical costumes of the State Theater of Northern Greece.




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